The goal is to make the student an all-rounder who will be equipped to face challenges thrown by globalization.The student is made to analyze his/her strengths. They know the environment very well because the inputs given by the faculties are drawn from real life case lets, success and failure stories.



Lecture plans are the bones of a lecture. Lecture plans states what the faculty is expected to deliver, how they are going to teach and the expected outcomes. The lecture plans helps the teacher in both planning and executing those 50 minutes of lecture fully.


Each and every faculty of MRKIET maintains a teacher’s diary. It is a sort of his/her day to day activities. It shows them what they have done so far and what are their future plans .


MRKIET faculty believes to learn by letting students actively participate in observing, speaking, writing, listening, thinking, drawing and doing. We try to explore various strategies in which most students are active rather than passive in the classroom and in which the focus is less on the teacher presenting and more on the students learning. We believe in making lectures more interactive by infusing effective discussions, role playing, debates, using data representation, sketches.



Case Studies are helpful in engaging the students in problem solving relevant to discipline. The primary hallmark of case study is presentation of students with a problem to solve that revolves around a story.


Group discussion is an excellent way to engage students in thinking and analyzing or in defending one side of an issue, instead of just listening to lectures. Students must respond to one another, rather than interacting intellectually only with the instructor.