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Well – educated Computer Science (CS) and Computer applications (CA) professionals are in great demand both in India and overseas. A diverse range of careers is available to graduates from courses in Computer Sciences and computer applications. Many pursue careers as software Engineers, DBA, system analysts or Network Administrator, while others use their degree as a catalyst into a wide range of jobs in government jobs and other Industries.

This course aims to meet the increasing need for engineers who can contribute to both the hardware and software design MRK Institute has particularly strong links with professionals in the Computer and IT industry and the courses offered have a strong professional orientation.

Computer Science and Engineering Department offers M.Tech, B.Tech and BCA programmes to cater the growing demand of Computer engineers. The department has highly qualified, experienced and dedicated faculty to impart knowledge to young minds in recent technologies. It provides sound theoretical and practical knowledge to the students to become effective and efficient engineers through well-equipped Labs. The Major areas are Programming (through C, C++, Java, PHP; Dot Net), Data Base Management, Operating System Administration and Computer Networks. The Labs are equipped with latest multimedia tools for effective communication/Teaching. Academic is always on our top most priority.

The department has highly sophisticated fully equipped air-conditioned computer labs with high quality peripherals to provide heterogeneous environment for maximum support to the students and faculty members. More than 250 desktops of HCL have been connected to high-speed IBM 3500 series server (Each workstation consists of 19″ LCD’s , floppy disk drive and 52X CDROM drive with full multimedia and Internet capabilities. Licensed software like Windows XP, 2010 professional , Microsoft Office 2007, Microsoft Visual Studio .NET, complete pack of MSDN, My SQL Server.


  • Multimedia projector, Slide Projectors and Scanners .

  • All buildings are interconnected with High speed switches in campus.

  • All labs fully equipped with on line UPS for backup.

  • Fast Internet connectivity in each Lab, faculty Rooms including library and administrative area.

  • Plenty of laser Printers available for documentation purpose.

  • Labs are equipped with HCL desktop computers connected in Local Area Network using CAT 6 cables.


The Computer Science and Engineering department aims at nurturing the area by use of appropriate computing technologies in its everyday activities. The prime objective of the department endeavours is to produce confident and skilled professionals tuned to real time working environment. The department offers excellent academic environment with a team of highly qualified faculty members (Ph.D and M.Tech) to inspire the students to develop their technical skills and inculcate the spirit of team work in them.

The Computer Science and Engineering Department has always made its presence felt in the educational arena through its accomplishments like placements in the Institute and extra Co-Curricular activities. Students are given a strong foundation in Computer Science and problem-solving techniques, and are made adaptable to changes. The entire curriculum of B.Tech, M.Tech and BCA is designed with the latest and upcoming technologies  as prescribed by MDU Rohtak. The infrastructure provided, such as well-equipped computer labs with latest configured systems helps our students to practically implement the topics discussed in theory sections.

The department has entered into an agreement with companies like  MICROSOFT, CISCO, HCL, WIPRO, AIRTEL etc. to provide students various Skill development and Technical enhancement programs. Special emphasis is given to the research, where faculty and students can implement their innovative ideas and publish them in various national and international journals. The research work done by faculty and students is very well acclaimed in the form of research papers published in National & International conferences and Journals. Department executes all the workshop conducted by IIT Bombay and IIT Kharagpur for students and faculty.








The labs are designed with latest hardware and software.

C, C++ & Data Structure Labs
The lab is equipped with HCL core 2 Duo and Dual Core computer connected in network. The TURBO C and C++ environment is provided for development, testing and deployment of programs and software’s.
Personal Computer (PC) Lab
The lab is equipped with HCL P4 computers. The Microsoft office and open office are installed for creation of documents, presentations, excel sheets and database.
Database Management system (DBMS) Lab
The lab is equipped with HCL core 2 Duo computers. The open source Mysql server & Visual studio is installed for development, testing and deployment of database applications.
Multimedia and Internet Lab
The multimedia and Internet Labs are provided with latest HCL core 2 Duo and Dual Core configurations computers. All computers are connected in network having an Internet connection.
Web Development Lab
The lab is equipped with HCL core 2 Duo computers. The Java Development Kit, HTML, PHP and javascript, IIS web server environment is provided for development of web pages and websites.
Computer Networks Lab
The lab is equipped with HCL core 2 Duo computers in network with cat6 cables and wired/Wireless NIC cards. To carry out the practical’s a switch and router is also installed with Windows 2003 server with proxy environment.
Project Lab
Project Lab facilitates all desirable state of the art environments to carry out the projects using “ UNIX/Linux/Windows platforms and packages like Visual studio, PROLOG, JDK, Microsoft SQL Server, Dot Net for Software Requirements, Design, Analysis and Testing in the field of Software Engineering. Dedicated Internet Lab is provided to all students and faculty for Research and Development.
Internet Lab
The lab is equipped with HCL core 2 Duo computers in network with cat6 cables and wired/Wireless NIC cards. It facilitates the college student to surf the internet.


Syllabus B.Tech
Syllabus M.Tech
Lab Manuals
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