Our department celebrated Mismatch day enthusiastically. On this occasion students were dressed in altogether unique attire. It was a combination of Fashion, Creativity, Humour and fun. Mismatch day means taking us away from normal routine or fashion.




Change is the spice of life. As we are accepting new trends of fashion, at the same time we are also lingering in our old traditions and culture. Girls were dressed in six yard and nine yard saris with the boys in tie and formal wear. Students played various games amongst themselves and with the faculties. The faculties were swayed away by the student’s enthusiasm. Hence, faculties were also dressed in traditional wear.


“No life, No music”!Music is like a language where we can express our feelings through it. Music has been like a religion here where everyone is a follower all Over the world. On this musical note, Various games were arranged by the students like dumb charades, antakshari, complete the song etc. Learning the importance of music, students of MRKIET celebrated Musical day by paying tribute to all good musicians and quoted it as “DAWAT-E-SANGEET”.