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The Electrical Engineering degree program prepares graduates to enter into a dynamic and rapidly changing world with career opportunities in Electrical Power Systems, Integrated Circuits, a variety of electrical industry, Robotics and controls and the like. The demand for Electrical power is increasing rapidly and thereby electrical engineers are in great demand to meet the requirements. The Research and Development wing, that works on energy saving devices and systems’, is also a part of this Department. For this purpose, the labs are fully equipped with sophisticated, advanced machines and other necessary equipment. The deptt. has highly qualified faculty & fully equipped lab


Welcome to the department of Electrical engineering at MRKIET, Rewari. The department is located in a sprawling environment with a state of art facilities and highly qualified faculty. The department works with the objective of addressing critical challenges faced by the Industry, society and the academia. Perhaps even more important is our unceasing commitment to our students, helping them to learn, grow, develop, and achieve their goals in their pursuit to excel in their professional career.

Being the HOD of Electrical Engineering Department of this prestigious and the largest Institution in the region, it is my proud privilege and a matter of great joy to extend warm welcome to Electrical Engineering Department. The infrastructure and lab facilities are upto the mark and as per university curriculum and provide adequate opportunities for students. The Department imparts quality education and training at undergraduate level in the areas of Power Systems, Electrical Machines, Basic Electronics, Electronics & Instrumentation Systems, Power Electronics and Drives, Control Systems, PLC & SCADA, Embedded System, etc. It has well equipped laboratories offering facilities in all areas of Electrical Engineering and has well-qualified and experienced Faculty.

Experts from the industry are invited to deliver special lectures on latest trends in electrical engineering to update the knowledge of students.









The Department has well equipped labs with latest equipments.

Electrical Technology
This is basic lab of electrical engineering. It includes basic laws and theorems viz. KCL, KVL, Thevenin, Norton, maximum power transfer etc. It also imparts basic knowledge on electrical machine and transformers.
Electrical Workshop
The students learn basics of safety and precautions in the electrical workshop. The lab contains all basic electrical fitting material and apparatus like
Electrical Machine
The lab has single and three phase induction motors (squirrel cage) and three phase slip ring induction motors with their panels and kits to operate smoothly and safely. This lab also contains machines, like synchronous machines, DC machines, transformers along with their panels.
This lab imparts knowledge about measuring of electrical quantities. The lab is equipped with various measuring instruments for measuring current, voltage, power energy, capacitance, inductance, resistance, frequency, temperature etc.
This lab imparts knowledge about measuring of electronics quantities. The lab is equipped with various measuring instruments for measuring current, voltage, power energy, capacitance, inductance, resistance, frequency, temperature etc.
Power Electronics
The lab gives the overview of operations of switching devices. It is equipped with switching devices like power MOSFET, IGBT, SCR, with their kits and panels for performing their operation and to learn about their characteristics. The lab also has AC and DC motors for understanding the methods of controlling their speed.
Power System
The lab is equipped with switching and changeover devices, like circuit breakers used in generation, transmission and distribution in power system. The lab also has various types of relays like over current relay, overvoltage relay, Buchloz relay, overload relays etc. for protection of power devices.
Control System
The lab is equipped with controlling instruments for like AC servo motor and DC servo motor. It also has PID controller and speed & position control of DC motor with their panels and kits.


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