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A degree in fire engineering makes one eligible for the management cadre in Fire Service in the government or public sector. Fire engineers have always been in great demand by corporations, educational institutions, industries, commercial, consulting firms and government bodies around the world.

They are employed with the fire prevention departments in large companies and they are also recruited by the government fire brigades. When there are instances of fire accidents, fire engineers are called upon to assess the extent of the damage, investigate the cause of the fire, the efficiency of equipment installed and so on.

There is a vast scope of employment chances for fire engineers in large manufacturing organizations particularly those like petroleum refineries, petrochemicals and plastic, fertilizers, textiles, LPG and LNG handling and bottling plants, chemicals and other plants where there are risks of fire. Fire engineers are also employed by fire departments of local government bodies, insurance companies, architectural and building design, project management, aircraft industry, industrial processing, and any area of safety where the possibility of fire or combustion represents a hazard. Fire engineers may also work as surveyors in insurance companies.

“Talent uses opportunities, Genius makes them. Knowledge in youth is wisdom in age. “


Large number of job opportunities as Safety officer, Fire and Safety Manager, etc in Fire Force, Gas, Petroleum and Oil Industries, refineries, plants, Construction Companies in India and abroad.

Career Prospectus for FTS Engineers

  • Projects and construction Companies like, EIL NBCC, RITES ,PDIL etc

  • Petroleum and Petrochemical Industries like IOC,HPCL,BPCL,RIL,ONGC,ESSAR OIL,GAIL,GSPC,PIPELINE Company’s

  • Govt Organizations DRDO, DMRC,Atomic Power Plants(NPCIL) SEB,s Power Plants, National Safety Council, RLI etc

  • Aviation Industry as Fire and Safety Officers

  • Delhi Fire Services and State Fire services

  • Consultants like Chilworth, TOYO, Cholamandlam, Du-Pont, DNVGL,BOV etc

  • Fire Risk Assessors-Insurance Companies and Finance Companies

  • Private Companies as HSE Engineers and Fire and Safety Officers(DLF,UNITECH, Fertilizer, Cement ,Steel, Pharmaceuticals, IGL Industries


The MRK College has been rendering devoted & dedicated in preventing life & National Property of the country by providing training & quality education to young personnel at various levels, as well as imbibing in them moral values & discipline in their pursuit of excellence. Our Curriculum has been so designed that it meets the market requirement & its ever-changing challenges. This is the most famous college in our country which giving tremendous trained & qualified fire engineers.

The degree program aims at producing complete Fire and Safety Professionals with the requisite theoretical as well as practical knowledge base. Managerial and communication skills are inculcated in the students through regular seminars, workshops and guest lectures. In order to provide strong practical work foundation, an entire semester is devoted to practical training, in addition to the customary seven semesters in the college.

The curriculum has been designed to cater to the ever-changing demands of Fire Technology, with the necessary inputs from the industry. The college aspires to produce individuals equipped to contribute for progress at all levels- individual, nation and global.

The institution is having full –fledge fire apparatus labs & demonstration facility of all types of conventional & advance fire fighting equipments. Our students are directly recruited in campus interviews by vital & prestigious, industrial installations / establishments of high risk.

Our students are well suitable to organize & working in Government, semi-government & private bodies.

We wish best of luck for all current & past students of our esteemed institution.


Fire Cell







Fire Protection Workshop Lab: Our Institute has its own well equipped Fire fighting & protection equipment labs. These labs are equipped with all the required fire fighting and safety appliances. Students are encouraged to utilize lab facilities in its optimum under the guidance of trained instructors. The list of available equipments is as given below and the live demonstration of all the equipments is shown to students by the lab instructors.

1. All kind of Detectors
2. Amplifier – Mist / spray
3. Co2 Flooding System
4. Fire Detection System – Conventional and Addressable
5. Sprinkler System – Portable Type & Fixed Type
6. Hydrant System
7. Hose Reel system
8. P A System
9. Separate Mini Pump
10. Flame detector (IR+UV) IR Flame Proof
11. Smoke Chamber
12. Fire Alarm Systems
13. Gas Detector
14. All kinds of Fire Extinguisher
15. Cut Section of all Fire Extinguishers
16. Deluge cum Water Spray projector Systems (Medium Velocity)
17. Automatic DCP Modular

Note: – Refilling and maintenance facility of all the above equipments is available at our own institute.

Safety & Rescue Equipment Lab: Our Institute has its own well equipped safety, rescue & protection equipment labs. These labs are equipped with all the required safety & protection appliances. Students are encouraged to utilize lab facilities in its optimum under the guidance of trained instructors. The list of available equipments is as given below and the live demonstration of all the equipments is shown to students by the lab instructors.

1. Safety Nets
2. Safety belts
3. Ascender & Descender Systems (Fall Protection Systems)
4. Bousness
5. Rope Ladder
6. Safety Goggles
7. Safety Helmets/ Face Shield
8. Safety Gloves
9. Synthetic Rope
10. Rescue Dummy
11. Safety in Excavation
12. Trench Marking
13. Breathing Apparatus Set (Both SCBA & SCUBA)
14. Confined Space Entries
15. Personal Protective Elements – All Types
16. Erect and maintain of Scaffolding

Note:- All the Safety and Rescue activities are performed by students and in Rescue Tower.

Field Fire Fighting Training Lab: This Laboratory consists of qualified laboratory personnel. All the field work like Fire Drills, Rescue Drills, Squad Drills and other discipline activities are performed on ground.

1. Fire Extinguisher Drill
2. Fire Hose Drill
3. Fire Hydrant Drill- 3 Men
4. Fire Hydrant Drill- 4 Men
5. Ladder Drill
6. Trailer Pump Drill
7. Fire Tender Drill
8. Rescue Drill- Manual
9. Resuscitation Drill
10. Foam Drill with FB 5X and 10X
11. Foam Drill with Inline Inductor
12. Stretcher Drill
13. Squad Drill- Numbering & Proving, Front Salute Open and close order March Dismiss ion and Falling out- sixing getting on Parade- length of Pace and time of marching. Halting- side- space paces forwarded and to the Rear –Wheeling-changing step in quick and slow time- turning on marching-saluting at the halts and on the marching.
14. Student prompt response hooter facilities for turn – out call, is built in hostel dormitories. Ancillary facilities for paramedic and Hose repairing foam concentrate / DCP & storage facilities available.

Note–The B.Tech. (Fire Technology & Safety) students of the college also perform various experiments related to Fire prevention, Protection and Rescue in which they study the above said activities.



Syllabus B.Tech
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