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India is a developing nation and offers huge potential in providing a breeding ground for budding engineers and technocrats. When a student decides to choose a career in Engineering, proper training plays a very crucial part. Every student must choose a college which uniquely shapes the entire journey of their profession, hence, brightening the future of that student.
Today, when the geographical frontiers are shrinking, and the world is engaged in drawing new boundaries of knowledge, we have initiated a new model of learning at our engineering institute to carter the needs of this transnational and multicultural world. In the field of technical education, our mission is to contribute to providing an efficient learning atmosphere and genuine guidance for our students complemented with our years of industry experience.



Our institute is a milestone in rural Haryana and is stretching its arms to produce more and more skilled professionals.
In a short period, MRKIET has set remarkable standards in providing quality education, technical expertise and an overall noteworthy learning environment. We have achieved this with the collective efforts taken by the members of the MRK family, who are a dedicated group of professionals responsible for the transformation of this institution.
MRKIET offers a variety of professional courses backed by a practical approach, which leads me to immense pleasure and pride in calling this institute, an excellent choice for those who aim to turn their dreams into reality.


Aayushi Rao
Co- Chairperson

I am overwhelmed with gratitude and respect for living the dreams of my dearest mother-in-law. I will continue to work towards her vision and the upliftment of women and students in the rural and underdeveloped section of the society.
I will continue to contribute to her initiatives and constantly improvise and adapt to do so. This institution is a remarkable way of providing quality education to young engineers of the future. With its excellent infrastructural amenities, qualified and experienced faculty, the students will become a part of a revolutionary institution and continue to touch newer heights.



“The Institute where excellence is the Goal”
We are strengthening our roots to reach the underprivileged youth of our society. We are cultivating our mission to provide higher learning for them and incline them to transform into skilled technocrats. We are also working towards helping them manifest all their dreams into reality at our premier educational institution.
MRKIET is set up with strong corporate bonds and our experienced faculty uses the latest teaching and learning techniques to emphasize on grooming the students to match the corporate standards. The institute strives to provide a dynamic learning environment, induces a healthy competitive spirit and develops leadership qualities catering to the need of the diverse industry in this ever-changing technological scenario.
Adding to this we drive our young minds towards ethical practice to understand and work for the upliftment of our society and thereby our nation.


SH. Darshan Singh

“Success is no accident. It is hard work, perseverance, learning, studying, sacrifice and most of all, love of what you are doing or learning to do.” These words by Pele is what we try to inculcate in the minds of our young technocrats.
We are extremely happy to welcome you to Mata Raj Kaur Institute of Engineering and Technology. The prime objective when MRKIET started was to be a source of quality education and excellence in the ever-changing field of technical education.
Understanding the current scenario where technology is moving at a very fast pace and what was breakthrough yesterday is obsolete today, has made it imperative that future technocrats must be familiar not only with theoretical or technical skills but also keep up with the technology advancement of tomorrow. At MRKIET we have designed our learning environment to meet the need of the hour of the industry.
The MRK institute takes pride in conceptualising a home away from home and our staff members develop positive, caring and supportive relationships with our students. We believe in value-based quality education and our faculty members are striving hard for it so that our students are well-prepared for the industry, public and private sector organizations and other avenues. Beside academics, students are also encouraged to take part in extra circular and co-curricular activities for which the students have brought laurels to the institution.
It is the aim of the management and faculty who are committed to continuously improve and deliver competitive and quality technical education to the utmost satisfaction of our students.
I hope that the young engineers passing from the institute will make commendable contribution in the national as well as the global scenario. I expect my students to be sincere, responsible and committed to their work, as I believe that there is no substitute to hard work. Students should maintain consistency, never give up and have an unquenchable thirst of knowledge. I have my best wishes for all our students in their future endeavours.